Igbos Non-Allied  in The Face of Rising Tribal Tension

With a growing Tension Between The Yorubas and the Fulanis, The Premier of Igbo Province Through the guidance of the Igbo Province intelligence agency with due consideration and respect for Igbo servicemen in the Nigerian Military and around the world, Igbo leaders, the church and our friend’s and allies within Nigeria and around the world, with special recognition and due respect to the Nigerian state and the Office of the Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR), our Father and President, Muhammadu Buhari and also with utmost concern for the general wellbeing of the Igbo people had declared Igbos Non-Allied.

In a statement released by the Igbo province intelligence agency titled “Igbos Chose Peace, Dialogue And Non-Alliance” (“The Part to Non-Alliance“). The Igbo Province Intelligence Agency stated in clear terms the reason why they declared Igbos Non-Allied.

Bellow Is the Full Text of The Declaration of Igbos Non-Allied

The Part to Non-Alliance: It is Getting Bigger than we Bargained For. As the reality of Rising Tension Between the Fulani Tribe and the Yorubas escalates, Igbo Province of Nigeria also AlaIgbo (Igbo Land) Sue for peace and Dialogue. As a people who had survived a gang up, a civil war, Massacres etc, we do not wish anyone the horror of war whether our friends or our enemies. We can relate better than any other tribe in modern times what war looks like.

The Igbo province intelligence agency had studied the situation closely and understood that tribal war in Nigeria will be extremely costly, and as such we are not going to support such events that may jeopardise all of our civilisation.

In this time when the world is recovering from a pandemic, where food scarcity looms this is practically not the right time to war, the country also had passed through so many unrest in recent times not minding that other form of insecurities are real threat to the country and the people.

This is time to be patriotic, to believe to look up with forgiveness and love, we do believe that we can talk, Igboland is ready to talk, with both side. There had been a huge affinity for arms in the North and I guess some of the Fulani herdsmen were infected by the weapons effect syndrome lately.

This is a national problem, not a tribal problem, there is a psychological problem that needs evaluation it seems like a spell, we must not confuse Fulani herdsmen with Jihadist but generally, something is going wrong in the North, a strange attraction to weapons and violence, during the Massacre of the Igbos in 1945, nobody spoke because it was the Igbos, the North picked up weapons against their countrymen, and as we begged for water in the pool of our own blood you called us Nyamiri.

Should we also talk about the very wake of the civil war, Eastern Nigerian government made sure that Northerners in the East went home safely but when we got to the Motor parks to welcome our people arriving from the North, we were graced by the smell of drenched blood, the lifeless body of our people and some halve dead still bleeding through their dismembered bodies, we can’t quite paint the reality but it was a real tragedy.

Even at that we are not going to support the Massacre of the Fulanis or an invasion of the Yorubas, even when our people ran to the palaces in 1945 and 1966 begging for water, we were called Nyamiri instead and the land drank our blood like water, nevertheless, it is not like the Yorubas are our Friends nor our enemy too, we remember 1967 – 70 you allied with the North to fight us, at the hight of it all a policy to blockade Igboland was made, that alone killed millions of innocent children and civilians, should we also talk about the 20 pounds policy, when our parent’s money in the bank was stolen and a meagre 20 pounds were given to them, Obafemi Awolowo was the Minister of Finance then, he was a Yoruba son.

Generalisation is evil, you might wonder but Awolowo is not all the Yorubas, but some few herdsmen are not the entire Hausa/Fulanis but also we remembered that in 1966 when Our own son Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu lead the first coup it was termed an Igbo coup and thousands of Igbos civilians were killed in retaliation and that was only a prelude to the more millions that died during the civil war.

Yet we preach peace because only we have had the experience of the horror of gang ups against a people and the Horror of war in Modern time. We hope that both parties respect the other nations that came together to fight for independence from Great Britain, but if they must ignore us and heed their much-beloved fantasy for war and brandishing of might, then we implore both side to leave Igboland and Igbo people out of whatever rhetoric.

Please Ndigbo everywhere in Nigeria, stay calm as we are observing the situation and we will take appropriate steps, Igboland is non allied. Please no Igbo should involve him or herself in any fracas, if you are not okay staying out of Igboland please come home until normalcy is returned it is better to have you home in one piece, don’t worry, we are already making provisions to be food sufficient. Please sensitize every Igbo around you, don’t get involved no matter what.

Igbos Non-Allied (#IgbosNon-Allied)

Ndigbo Adiro Akwado Onye Obula (Igbos Non-Allied)
Biko Nwafo Igbo, Cheta na Agha Di Njo…

Courtesy Igbo Province Intelligence agency (Igbo Province of Nigeria) also Alaigbo or Igboland.

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