Open Letter to Mazzi Nnamdi Kanu by The Premier Of Igbo Province of Nigeria.

Dear Mazzi Nnamdi Kanu, it is with great tension in my table that I write, as what looks like a repeat of history lurks around Nigeria, and our province of Igboland sooner or later may be involved as Igbo being a Veto power tribe in Nigerian.

As Tension keeps mounting between the Fulanis and The Yorubas and myself the Premier of Igbo Province being young but not too young will have to take some measures to protect my province. That you Nnamdi Kanu is currently in a self-imposed Exile Just like Odumegwu Ojukwu at one time in the Biafran history.

I wish to let you know that you are the closest thing to the leader of Biafra which to me is not a sovereign state as the sovereignty existed but went Defunct 50 years ago, I see Biafra more as a union of our allies and as such I will accord you Nnamdi Kanu the respect our parents accorded Ojukwu for 30 months and also accord you the respect our parents accorded Philip Effiong for 4 days during which time they both served as the president of Biafra.

I simply wish to let you know that as you are in absentia that I take this decision as the Premier of Igbo province with regards to what I think is in the best interest of our people and allies, I also wish to let you know that as every tribe currently is scheming within their ranks, that I look up to The Former Cheif of Army Staff, retired Nigerian Army lieutenant general Azubuike Ihejirika, for any further Military assurance and guidance as he is currently the highest-ranked of Igbo extraction in the echelons of the Military.

In this regard, I declare Igbo province Non-Allied with both sides citing the following reasons. That the two tribes engulfed in the Fracas are neither allies of Ndigbo whether through Biafra or any other formal or informal means. That the two tribes allied between 1967 to 1970 to fight Ndigbo and our allies, that the two involved tribes are however our friend in recent times. And above all that the Biafran ideology stands against tribal war because it was through Biafra that what could have been a tribal cleansing of the Igbos was averted between 1945 and 1970 as our eastern allies rallied around us to avoid the annihilation of our kind and today we enjoy a relative peace due to the sacrifices of our allies and our parents.

Given my limitations as regards reaching our allies in the Old Eastern Region, I implore that you communicate the Stand of Igboland to our allies in the Defunct Biafra, inform them that Igboland is non allied but should any of our allies wish to get involved they should formally signal Igbo Province of their intentions to do so and why.

I also wish to let every concerned person know that I did not seek the approval of Igbo Governors or other officials currently serving Nigeria before Declaring Igboland non-allied, this became imperative as they are currently serving Nigeria and we don’t need escalation within the greater Nigerian umbrella or even distracting our public office holders yet, this to the best of my knowledge is a tribal skirmish, and getting our public servants or servicemen involved may metamorphose it to a national quagmire and give it a more serious colouration and conflagration.

Nevertheless, I acknowledge the President of Nigeria, the Grand Commander of the Order Of the Federal Republic (GCFR), President Mohammadu Buhari, all the 7 Igbo governors and all the Igbo public office holders and our servicemen and women currently fighting for the country through the Nigerian Military.

On your Side, Mazzi Nnamdi Kanu, personally, I must confess that while I admire you, I may not quite agree with some of your methods and utterances but I’m not in any position to judge or praise you until I walk in your shoes but I really wish to be specific about one thing, that unless on a personal capacity you may not deploy Eastern resources whether human or material resources to aid any side of the conflict, we must learn from the reality America faced during the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic when they sent so much materials to China not knowing that it only a matter of time before they will be in crucial need.

Having noted all these, I wish you inform our allies that we are together, and hopefully, I pray for peace so that we may continue our part of progress. We wish no one war.

I also wish to call upon our friends in the International Community, Like Tanzania, ivory coast, Italy, Scotland, Isreal etc. to watch the development closer. I also wish to draw the attention of the United Nations, United States, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Germany and China to watch the current development in Nigeria closely to avoid a possible Genocide of any people.

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