Igbo Province Executive Meeting Outcome

Igbo Province Executive Meeting held at Enugu on Saturday 7th February 2021: Outcome

Bellow are crucial points from the Igbo Province Executive meeting

1. We are going to embark on mechanised farming, food processing and agro-allied businesses under our PPP (Private Provincial Partnership) Program.

We chose to start with agriculture and agro-allied for some reason which is crucial to our survival.

2. Despite that we had not been taking the emerging unrest and threats of war serious, we had chosen to make plans for vital medical kits like First aid, Tetanus vaccines and Assemble a medical volunteer team in case of more casualties.

3. We had maintained our stand on non-allied and given that both Terrorist Fulani herdsmen and ESN (Eastern Security Network) are both technically rebels and enemies of the state as such may not be given emergency attention in conventional hospitals, we may provide first aid and other vital help so that they may survive and face the law, this benevolence will be extended to all Nigerians including Fulanis, Hausas, Yorubas and of course our own Igbo people and everyone else who had lived among us.

4. In the case of further unrest we are going to hold most people in Igboland hostage, nobody is leaving and nobody is coming in until we are sure that all of our people in every other part of the country are safe, the methods we are going to use to achieve this remains classified but the summary is that if you protect our people we protect yours but if you hurt our people, there are crocodiles in Igboland, really hungry crocodiles and we did not say anything about killing already hungry crocodiles.

5. It was also agreed at Igbo Province Executive meeting that there will be no mass evacuation of Igbo People anywhere in the country anybody who wishes to evacuate Igbos should first send back our representatives and Senators and our soldiers should be sent back with our people to ensure they are safe until they reach Nsukka or Asaba, if not, no Igbo should leave any part of the country, any governor or other officials who try to mass evacuate our people whatever happens to the few that may be left behind will be their fate in Igboland.

Just send our senators, representatives and soldiers along so we all stay in Igboland if it is ever safe again we might come back once again, this is not the first time it happened.

The city you live in had become part of you, it is safe to say it is yours, if it comes to that level you must defend your city wherever you are, Igbos defend yourself and your city, so many of us were raised in Kano and we won’t let anyone destroy her, so many of us were born in Lagos and we had grown fond of Lasgidi and already attached no one will destroy Lagos while I watch, What about Jos, JCity, I will defend myself and my city, You must defend yourself and your city, no evacuation, stay where you are Igboland is not too safe also.

Remember if you live your city behind, what about our brothers and sisters that will be left behind, would they be made toast, what About the old woman that calls you son and daughter and gives you extra spoon whenever you eat at her kiosk what is her fate, we don’t want war but human nature it is almost inevitable and this is the stand of Igboland in this trying times. We wish every side comes to the Table soon.

6. Igboland had never fought a war with any tribe, we must not mistake Biafra for Igbos, Biafra had been at war with an Allied force of Arewa North and Oduduwa West Since 1967, they said no victor no vanquished but still that does not mean that the real cause of the war had been fixed.

The Igbo Province Executive meeting also took a look into the Issue of the reemergence of Biafra. Biafra keeps resurfacing because the very cause of the war had not been fixed, now the emergence of IPOB and ESN, FG must know that Igboland is not at war, ESN had made it clear that they are in the Forest for whatever reason we can’t tell but the last time we checked, Orlu is not a forest. If you want to continue Nigeria Biafra war season 2, why not start it in the forest and stop killing innocent Igbo civilians on crossfire.

ESN should maintain their stay deep into the Forest, Nigerian Military should know the map of Igbo Forests, Why should both ESN and the Military engage in a show of force in a Peopled environment, do they want to use Innocent Igbo Civilians as human shields.

People think Igbos are the head of Biafra but that is same way Igbo is the head of Nigeria so both are not homogenous Igbo situation, stop sending Igbo soldiers to the North and Sending Northern Soldiers to Igboland if those soldiers feel nothing for us then send our people here, our people will listen to us and let’s watch our soldier shoot live bullets at us, our people are fighting insurgency, bandits, And a lot more but you send Northern soldiers here.

If Nigeria must be sincere they should either sensitize the Soldiers in Igboland to be careful while opening fire in civilian environments or send Igbo soldiers back because if they continue whether as ESN or Nigeria military to endanger our Civilian especially in this tense times, we may rethink every union.

These are some crucial outcome of the Igbo Province Executive meeting.

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