Voice Of Igbo Province (VOIP) Radio

The Voice of Igbo Province (VOIP) is the Media Wing of The Igbo Province of Nigeria, a traditional Democratic Government of the Igbo People of East Central Nigeria…Read More about Igbo Province of Nigeria.
For now, the voice of Igbo Province started out with an internet radio platform to further drive the agenda of the government of the Igbo province close to the people.

While the Igbo language is the Cultural, Informal, Official and the language of commerce and more in Igboland (AlaIgbo) the voice of Igbo province broadcasts in English and uses Igbo when it becomes necessary to do so. This is because of the fact that Igbo province is under Nigeria and as such it may be unfair to other Nigerians who might be interested in listening to the Voice of Igbo Province.

The aim of the voice of Igbo Province is to drive the agenda of the Igbo people closer to the Igbo people and also take our stories further to others. The radio station, in particular, seek not to serve just the Igbo people of the East central region of Nigeria but all through the country and the international communities.

The Voice of Igbo Province seeks to tell our beautiful story as a people to a world too eager to listen. The Igbo Tribe is a very unique west African tribe notable for very rich cultural heritage, ingenuity, trade, commerce, industry and determination, all these had metamorphosed into a climaxed civilisation unlike anything seen before anywhere around the world, we are unique in many ramifications, we had existed for thousands of years yet did not exist for the most part of those years, no one knew us, no one ever met the great Igbo people until recently.

Everyone who met us had stories to tell, the missionaries told of a people so numerous hidden quite into the hinterlands with a civilisation almost alien to their times that made wonders about our come about, the colonialists said we were difficult to tame, difficult to rule and impossible to be outsmarted, should we talk about our numerous West African neighbours; we are in for a long ride but our uniqueness had made us friends and enemies alike, lovers and haters alike but the most important things are that despite everything we kept Surviving and prospering.

The voice of Igbo Province had come to tell our stories, to envisage our future and correct our past mistakes, we are a beautiful people, we are unique and special, we are blessed, powerful and to the glory of God, we keep flourishing, for more than three thousand years we were literally among the least known of all the tribes in Nigeria but the past two centuries had made a people which had become a global reckon out of us.

Anyone who ever met us knew that we are a people of repute; notwithstanding I’m not saying that we are perfect, far from it I’m only saying that we are excellent people because whatever we set our heart on, we do it with the greatest intensity, excellence and every trait of ingenuity. From my personal observation of many addresses, the best way to define us is as a heroic people.

It almost feels like destiny that we are going to spread out certainly, which had almost always been misinterpreted as dominating by our neighbours, but our placement is very unique just a stone through from the Atlantic, we are well shielded from the waters but well-fed from her, our population will even explode further, carefully hidden from invaders we flourished for thousands of years and it might feel safe to say that we are among the very rare breed of original Africans.

From all angle we are surrounded by friendly neighbouring west African tribes, which all make our story densely rich, we are here on the voice of Igbo Province of Nigeria to tell our stories, to promote our culture and people and above all to defend ourselves and prosper our civilisation.

Welcome to the Voice of Igbo Province.

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