Tribute to Lionel Messi as he Leaves Barcelona

Lionel Messi Eventually announced during a press conference inside the camp nou that he won’t continue at Barcelona and it’s the end of a chapter.

Yageeplus editor Raymond Chukwu shares his personal view about how the whole situation should have played out.


As Martin Tyler said

“Fans are worshipping him and we can understand why, he’s god of the game, the god of the game”

Personally, I had always thought when Leo is retiring at Barcelona, I will write a special article for him, my best one, but never ever I imagined that Leo will play in another jersey even after that burofax.

But things alway don’t go the way you wish but this is the only thing I wished most that Leo can retire here in his home where he became the GOAT, where he and his beloved club kissed the heights of success together. Where he gave cules countless memories and made history.

I wanted Leo going out the way Iniesta and Xavi did Infront of packed Camp Nou and Barcelona’s streets full everywhere to see the glimpse of Leo, but he is going away without even speaking to a single fan.

Few days ago I was watching videos on YouTube : whole Camp Nou chanting “Meeesssssi Meessssi Meeeessssiiiiii” and that was probably the best thing I ever saw on internet and now the fans who worshipped him all these 17 years couldn’t worship him on his farewell. What a pity. What a shame.

I don’t feel necessary to talk about what Leo has done for Barcelona and for football and millions have spent their lives appreciating that week in week out.

All I can say is Thank You Leo, thank you for every single second you stepped on the field wearing this jersey and thank you for making us believe in magic. Barcelona and Cules will forever be grateful to you for what you have done here. You’ll be missed always. Every time some one will score and raise his hands towards sky we will remember you.

Barcelona will go on and so will you but we all know
“Messi is Barcelona and Barcelona is Messi”

“The worst part about the greatest of books is that they also END”

  • Raymond Chukwu