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  1. Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) By Alex Bells

Book Description: Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo): a Skill That Can Shake The World by Alex Bells. It is not just a book it is an ideology, it is a movement and it is a revolution. The cyberspace is a world on its own, a country, a government etc. The Internet is more like a complex archipelago where each island fights for survival, influence and dominion.

The Book (Ethical Exploit or White Hat Yahoo) took a deep look into the dealings of the Nigerian yahoo boys in an unbiased manner to dig out some positive aspect of the activities of the group that had never been acknowledged noting that the solution to the group’s menace lies right inside of the group itself.

In this context of looking at the brighter side of the group’s numerous activities, a new dimension was discovered (Ethical Exploit or White Hat Yahoo). In the best part, Alex Bells painted one of the most vivid approaches to solving the menace of the Black Hat or Unethical Yahoo practice by countering their activities with similar but opposite methods.

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