Gee Stands for Guru Ethical Exploit or Getting Enlightened and Empowered Coined By Alex Bells Who in his book Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) Proffered some positive uses of the skills of the infamous Nigerian Yahoo Boys. Buy or Read Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) By Alex Bells NowImage for Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) By Alex Bells

It may be noteworthy that in his contest that there are two grades or stages of the GEE concept the first stage or G1 ( Getting Enlightened and Empowered) is the first stage of the GEE career, at this stage, a GEE individual strifes to learn about the G practice and the Community, inculcating every other positive values that may enable an individual to stand out in life and within this stage, it is assumed that such individual is going through the Enlightenment and Empowerment phase.

Then after the enlightenment and empowerment phase, the individual enters the  G2 phase where he or she gets to the Guru Ethical Exploit (GEE ii) phase. At this stage, a G2 individual is expected to be versed in the knowledge, ethical and considerate in his dealings. He or she is expected to have stringent values and of sound judgement, because at this point he or she may already be distinguished and visible.

We are a community, We stand for values, We are simply GEE.

Feel Free to state your opinion about the development, tell us how we can get better as a community, if you have an idea and wants to share, about the whole GEE concept, feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: Alex Bells is not responsible for the manner people choose to use their GEE skills, Individuals with their free will have total responsibilities for whatever they do. In the GEE community, We share positive tools and knowledge but we can’t guarantee how they individuals will end up using those even at that we respect people’s choices and we are working really hard to avoid the possibilities of right information and tools in the wrong hands, we may not always succeed in all of our endeavours but we also believe we won’t fail in all.